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My Story

Business owner, entrepreuner, husband, father, son... these are just a few of the titles I carry. Life is full of challenges and always will be, but life is also good. It comes with exciting changes, wonderful experiences and plenty of blessings. And it has been a much smoother ride ever since our family learned a few simple things that made all the difference, not only for our family, but specifically as it relates to our business. Allow me to take you on a short journey, so you can get to know me better. I’m guessing you’ll realize we have a lot in common.

Young Rich Working in the Early Days at the Family Business

Let’s Take it from the Top​

My father started a business about the time I graduated from college. It was a great opportunity, but it didn’t come easy. Our family business, like many small businesses, started out rough.

I worked alongside my father (Owner & President) my mother (Administrative Assistant), my sister, (Part Time Administrative Assistant) and even some of my younger brothers (Delivery Drivers and Sweepers).​ It was a family affair!​​

Work never left us. We worked long hours at the shop and then talked about it at night. We worked weekends and then talked about it on Sunday after church. If we were not at work, we were talking about work.​

Work wedged its way into my parent’s marriage. They, of course, had differences about normal things but all the sudden they were fighting about cash flow, business decisions, work performance issues—it was tough on their marriage and work stresses started to define their relationship.​

Youngest Sibling, Adam, Cleaning Parts in the Paint Booth

The Troubles Begin…

Our family members would often take sides on issues.​ After a time, our relationships began to be damaged.

I remember well the day when I refused to go over to my parent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner because I was so mad at my father.

He had, the week before, gone on a three-day vacation (probably the first one he had enjoyed in several years) to Lake Powell.​ He had left me holding the bag on several upset customers. One situation was serious enough that legal documents were served to our company doorstep. The problems were something that my dad had kept concealed from the rest of us.

When he finally came home, we had a real fight which I can still remember clearly some twenty-five years later. As I mentioned at the beginning, it created such hard feelings that I found myself avoiding him outside of work.

This story might sound familiar to one of your own?

Rich and His Dad, Mel, along with Another Company Employee Figuring
Out Why the Swamp Pump under the Parking Lot is not Working

The Rest of the Story

Painful years transpired but we found a way to make it better, much better.

Gratefully, we eventually figured out actionable ways to find prosperity at work and amazing relationships outside of work. And yes, we enjoy Thanksgiving dinners and all the meaningful events which draw families together.

The truth is that families are there for one another—we are natural and faithful allies. We love and support one another, but when things disintegrate at work those loving relationships can explode.

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